Surf Green


For the past decade Marko has been recycling their customer’s post-use EPS material into regrind and blending it with virgin EPS material to create products that have 25% post consumer EPS content.

In 2006, Marko applied this recycling knowledge to the blank industry and started their “Surf Green” program. Instead of having their customers throw away the scrap material Marko began to collect their Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) scraps and reprocess that material into reusable EPS regrind. This brought awareness to the green factors of using EPS material, as a result many of our customers started using Marko‘s “Surf Green“ laminate to show that they are backing a much more sustainable surfboard blank.

This program helps take the waste that would potentially end up in dumps, beaches and oceans to be recycled and reused in your favorite boards. Marko feels this is a huge step towards making the surfboard manufacturing process much “greener” and ultimately much more sustainable.

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