Extruded Flex Core: The new Extruded Flex Core (EFC) by Hydroflex is the next level in surfboard blanks. The blanks are a closed cell extruded polystyrene foam formulated specifically for surfboard building. To optimize flex for high performance surfing with more memory and a more responsive board. The closed cell structure means absolutely no water will be absorbed by the foam if it comes into contact with water. Because the foam is extruded over other manufacturing processes the foam is very consistent in density getting rid of soft spots in the blank. Extruded Flex Core is have great impact and crush resistance as well to help minimize pressure dings. Use Extruded Flex Core to build you favorite shape for a long lasting and high performance board.

Benefits:– Closed cell formula – won‘t absorb water – Superior crushing strength – Great flex memory & responsive feel – Impact and crush resistant – Consistent density eliminating soft spots

CNC Cutting charges – Shape 3 d or Aku files are accepted 6‘8“ and below – $35.00 and 6‘8“ – 7‘0“ – $40.00

hydroflex 31688_122279207791024_8168824_n

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