Enviro Foam

About The Blank:

All of us at Marko Foam were interested in taking our already established recycling program and turn it up a notch by reformulating it so that it could be re-manufactured into a solid blank again. In 2006 that reformulation process was being developed and in its infancy with many stages of R&D, by 2009 the manufacturing process had been perfected.

Enviro-blankThis innovative technology allows all types of EPS regrind, not just surfboard scraps, to be made into a high grade, moldable material and be put back into production again. The material is called Envirofoam, and is looking to be a solid choice for a sustainable blank material in the surfboard manufacturing process. Marko has tested this material for use in blanks and finished boards with some select customers. With positive results, Marko was granted an exclusive global contract securing the manufacturing and distribution of this revolutionary process for all water sport applications.

The interest in this product has steadily risen with many companies using only our Envirofoam blankecoboard copy along with other much more eco-friendly surfboard products than those that have been used in the past. Marko has also partnered up with Sustainable Surf to help their Ecoboard project which helps people find high performance surfboards with a reduced environmental and toxic impact. Marko is proud to be a part of this amazing process and introduce the first 25% recycled EPS blank.


Collected post-use EPS is put into a mulching machine that breaks down the material to smaller pieces called “re-grind”. Loose re-grind pieces are conveyed into a holding bag and fed down into a machine that compresses the regrind into highly dense rectangular blocks (20pcf). The blocks of recycled EPS are then reprocessed into Envirofoam that is remanufactured into blanks on the same equipment that makes the Virgin EPS blanks. Envirofoam material can be recycled and reprocessed into a usable blank material over and over… and over… and over… again. Envirofoam is an outstanding blank choice for sustainability in the Surfboard Industry.


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