IMG_4407Marko foam is a long-standing California company constantly advancing in our mission of providing an extensive blank catalogue to the water sports industry. Our company goal is to provide a versatile blank catalogue that consists of a variety of high quality, 100% recyclable material in multiple blank sizes, giving the board manufacturer an ample assortment of choices.

Over the past few years we have introduced new viable materials into the surfboard-manufacturing world. Our long-term plan is to slowly refocus the surfboard manufacturing process of the past 45+ years to a new approach of using environmentally friendly and innovative materials. Marko’s unique approach coupled with decades of foam knowledge has helped us put together this versatile catalogue of core materials for all types of: surfboards, paddle boards, softboards, wakesurfs, kitesurfs, skimboards, foamies, bodyboards, rescue sleds, etc… The various materials offered in the Marko catalogue are all manufactured with our clean, high pressure molding process that results in a tight, strong, durable core that stays lively long into the board’s life.

We understand that a complete change in the surf industry is unlikely in the near future. But with constant feedback from customers and improvements being made all the time, we feel there is a place for this exciting new product to thrive in the surf industry.


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