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Marko has two Motion Master, dual headed, CNC machines that we have been cutting surfboards on for the last few years. Our CNC machines read numerous file types including Shap3D X, AKU(BRD), solid works(IGES) and Rhino files. Also, if you would like to design your own board you can download free shaping software from AKU or SHAPE 3D.

Our machine and operators are capable of cutting a variety of different board types including long, short and SUP boards up to 14’ long and 33” wide with an impressive turn around time. We are also able to cut racing SUP shapes out of our incredibly lite and strong EPS foam. Marko will only cut enviro-friendly EPS foam for our employees and planets well being, meaning no polyurethane blanks. If you have any questions about ordering cuts feel free to call or email us and we will get back to you ASAP.



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