SUP Blanks


9’8″ SUP blank

Stand Up Paddling is a great pastime whether you want to go surfing or just take a leisurely paddle on the water. The sport has seen a huge increase in interest and with that Marko Foam wanted to be able to supply the highest quality blanks in a large selection to accommodate all board designs.

Marko has improved the selection in which our customers have in sizes and densities. Our catalog includes SUP blanks ranging from 9’, 10’, 10’6”, 12”, 12’6” and 14” to show the basic outline of the blanks with many more options available. Our blanks can also be ordered in different densities including 1.0pcf, 1.5pcf and 2.0pcf giving the customer more versatility in the final weight and strength of the board.

For the stringer in our SUP blanks we use basswood that is glued between the foam using our stock rocker. Although, the rocker can be adjusted to meet any special specifications that one may have. The stringer we use comes in several different thicknesses comprising of 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4” in some of the smaller models of SUP blanks. We also offer stringerless blanks for those looking to keep the board as light as possible for racing or any other application that you need it for.


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