I Foam is a highly durable material developed by INT for use in high performance surfboards. INT has partnered with Marko to bring this high tech, lively core to the surfing public to enjoy. The I Foam core has been shaped and tested in all kinds of surfing conditions to ensure the highest quality surfboard blank is made. The pressure molded I Foam core is a closed cell material that is fused tightly together to eliminate water absorption keeping your board much more lively for a longer period of time.

With the incredible strength of Epoxy glassing and resiliency of the I Foam material, damaging a board with an I foam core is significantly harder to do. The Epoxy glassing that is used also forms a strong bond to the material so no delamination occurs at any time. The memory of the I Foam core also adds to the performance of the board, allowing it to rebound under the rider’s feet and launch them into the next turn. I Foam is currently offered in 6’4 and 6’8 thick as well as 9’1 thick blank sizes, and like our other surfboard blanks, I Foam is 100% recyclable.

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