Happy Earth Day … “shrink your carbon footprint by changing whats under your feet”


Earth Day

On April 22, 1970 Earth day was created. It was meant to bring the emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, forcing environmental protection onto the national political agenda. Earth day has been a huge success over the years bringing awareness about environmental issues to everyone.

In Collaboration with Gopro, Moss Research and Entropy Resins we are proud to be able to show you this video highlighting the emerging market of sustainable “Eco-Surfboards”. Through companies such as Sustainable surf and their “Waste to Waves” program, Marko Foam and our partners have been doing our part to clean up the surfboard industry by collecting and recycling large quantities of EPS foam. We are then able to take the recycled EPS product and reuse it in our “Enviro-foam” blanks. These sustainable products have been tested thoroughly and show no signs of inferior quality or performance. So for your next board ask for an Eco-board and shrink your carbon footprint by changing what’s under your feet!