Verizon’s crash course in the Enviro-foam process

Marko had Verizon come over to our shop for a little field trip to learn about our recycling process. With the Help of sustainable surf, we were able to give them a crash course on what goes on behind the scene of making our Enviro-Foam surfboard blanks. Checkout some of the activities that went on by clicking on the picture below.    

2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti…watch it now

It’s looking pretty fun out at Teahupo’o today, so why don’t you sit down, chillout and watch the Pro’s shred like you wish you could… I know I do at least.    

Colin “The Goose” Moran getting loose


Simplify your shaping with the New 6’6″ m Blank from Marko Foam

Get the new 6’6″ M blank for the core of your next board! Try one today!          From your cruiser fish to your groveling performance short board the 6’6” M can do it all. This new simplified molded blank, is perfect for almost all boards.      The flat wide deck and bottom, square rails, and relaxed rocker caters to a wide variety of boards making it a go to blank for the CNC Machine and Shapers alike.      This blank is available […]

Wake surfing like never before

Mastercraft has taken wake surfing to the next level with their new boat the x20. This baby throws a wake like you’ve never seen before blurring the lines between surfing and wake surfing. Now the pros are getting in on it and loving what you can do on a boat wake… check it out for yourself!