Big boards, Big waves, and alot of memories… the swell watch begins for the Eddie

With past winners standing next to up and coming chargers the stage for the Eddie Aikau is set. Now the wait begins for the swell of the winter to put the event on. It takes a minimum of a 20 ft swell so lets start looking at those surf forecasts and keeping our fingers crossed. With so many big wave surfers and shapers being represented at the Eddie it’s always nice to see a few Stretch Boards Guns with a […]

Doomed for the dump, recycled to shred

With the ocean being our playground and ¬†surfing being a huge part of our lives we have been doing what we can to become more sustainable. From low waste methods in molding our blanks to recycling EPS foam packaging that so elegantly protected your holiday gifts, Marko along with sustainable surf has been doing their part in making a difference. Lets not piss mother nature off here people… Recycle your foam into shred sticks!   If you have been wondering […]

Rack em up

Being fully stocked always looks and feels good. With our shop in Irvine constantly prepping blanks we are locked and loaded ready for your blank orders. Our high quality EPS blanks are just what you need to elevate your surfing to the next level. So shoot us an email and get your Marko Foam Blanks now! MADE IN THE U.S.A