CNC Machines

Our two motion master machines are up and running just waiting for your orders to come in. Give this little video a gander and checkout how it works. Check out our machine cuts page if you want to know more. If you want to order some cuts from us click on the downloadable versions of the how to order and cut order form at the bottom of the page!  

Our new Extruded Flex Core… Who doesn’t like new!

  In Collaboration with Hydroflex we are excited to introduce our new material EXTRUDED FLEX CORE!  Extruded Flex Core The new Extruded Flex Core (EFC) by Hydroflex is the next level in surfboard blanks. The blanks are a closed cell extruded polystyrene foam formulated specifically for surfboard building. To optimize flex for high performance surfing with more  memory and a more responsive board. The closed cell structure means absolutely no water will be absorbed by the foam if it comes into contact with water. Because the foam […]