Stand up for L41

One of our customers L41 is popping out Stand up paddle boards like there is no tomorrow, but it’s for a good reason. Their Stand up paddle boards are incredibly maneuverable on the waves giving you the ability to carve turns like a pro. They have 5 different models of their SIMSUP boards from beginner to pro making it easy for people of all skill levels to have fun. Go check them out for yourself!  

Newport Beach Local Ryan Croteau Blowing up

Florida born turned Newport Beach, CA Shredder blowing up your computer screens. Featured on Surfing Magazine’s website, if his video was good enough for them then it must be good. Why don’t you be the judge yourself and take a gander at this guy throwing buckets and flying through the air.   Enjoy… I know we did   Congrats Crouton

Buzzsaw time

Have you been looking for a new board? Well your welcome, I found one for you! Order your new Stretch Surfboards Buzzsaw today.