Torrey Meister Killing it on a Eco-board!

Check it out!  

Behind the scenes of filming

Putting it all out there for those who love it to watch. Awesome video! That’s all there needs to be said about it.

Rob and friends ripping on I-foam blank

buddies, brews, and boards… could you ask for more?

Some of our friends put together this little video that makes us remember the good times. Chilling on a beach with a board by your side and a cold one in hand watching the surf with all your friends. On a little weekend trip they put together this killer short video so sit back and reminisce about your surf trips and start planning your next. Your never to old for a road trip down the coast to a favorite wave […]

Do you surf green?

If you’ve wanted to know a little bit more about the recycling process that our Enviro foam goes through this video does a killer job. It also shows that even boards that are made out of our recycled material are as good, if not better, than virgin boards. Check it out for yourself.


Just received a nice little shipment of fresh blanks! Now who’s looking to shape some surfboards? Get your orders in today and we’ll get them out to you ASAP. I love the smell of foam in the morning!

SUPERbrand surfboards are here to save the day

One of our good customers SUPERbrand surfboards has been blowing up lately and if you look at their board catalog you will see why. All of their shapes are like works of art, not only with the shapes but with the artwork that they throw on for a little extra pizzaz to your shred stick. One look at the boards and you can see why Pro’s like Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike turn to SUPERbrand to get their […]

Whats the BUZZ?

I recently had the opportunity to ride the Mr. Buzz, one of Stretch Boards signature models, on a somewhat small day but that didn’t hold this magic stick back. This board may not look like a high performance board but once you catch your first wave your mind is going to be blown. With Nathan Fletcher helping in the design process you know the board is going to ride like a dream. The acceleration and maneuverability¬†of this board makes it […]

Nathan Fletcher talks about his Teahupoo ride of a lifetime

Torrey Meister shredding on recycled board