Chris Grow of the “Shred Show” takes an in depth look at the …Lost Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy and explains the technology and everything that goes into this new board technology… including Marko Foam!

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Earth Day

On April 22, 1970 Earth day was created. It was meant to bring the emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, forcing environmental protection onto the national political agenda. Earth day has been a huge success over the years bringing awareness about environmental issues to everyone.

In Collaboration with Gopro, Moss Research and Entropy Resins we are proud to be able to show you this video highlighting the emerging market of sustainable “Eco-Surfboards”. Through companies such as Sustainable surf and their “Waste to Waves” program, Marko Foam and our partners have been doing our part to clean up the surfboard industry by collecting and recycling large quantities of EPS foam. We are then able to take the recycled EPS product and reuse it in our “Enviro-foam” blanks. These sustainable products have been tested thoroughly and show no signs of inferior quality or performance. So for your next board ask for an Eco-board and shrink your carbon footprint by changing what’s under your feet!



Checkout Surfer’s new article all about the guys at E-tech and how they are pushing the way that Ecoboards are made and ride. We are stoked to be apart of the movement to make more sustainable surfboards without having to give up the performance of the board.

The Green Wave


“Change your carbon footprint by changing whats under your feet!”


Marko Foam has joined up with the Reef Redemption Program alongside Pacific Panel Products & Sustainable Surf in creating an eco-friendly product. With Rob Machado putting his shaping skills to work, this dream team was able to make an eco-surfboard from recycled EPS foam and Super Sap resin from Entropy resin. The goal of this program is to show the strength, durability and all around performance that eco-surfboards posses.


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 Head over to Fiberglass Source (Surf Supply) in Oceanside, CA to pick up your Marko Foam Blanks! They have a wide selection of  blanks, fins, stomp pads and much more surfing essentials. They can also make custom orders with a quick turn around time to get you shaping your board faster.

fiberglass source

Fiberglass Source

291 Roymar Rd

Oceanside, CA 92058




Go checkout their:

Racks of Blanks

Wall of pads

& shelves full of goodies

The one stop shop for all you need to build your dream board!





We’ve been busy at Marko getting a few new blanks ready for you!

These bad boys are perfect for Machine shaping, cutting down on your shaping time and getting you in the water.


Molded EPS blanks have superior fusion and quality that Marko Foam has prided itself on from the get go. On top of that, these boards are much more durable than any polyurethane board out there, extending the amount of time between board orders and building back up that savings account.


Available in two Thicknesses:

6'0 M Regular

6'0 M Thick



Next time you order a board, make sure it’s core is Marko Foam.



Marko had Verizon come over to our shop for a little field trip to learn about our recycling process. With the Help of sustainable surf, we were able to give them a crash course on what goes on behind the scene of making our Enviro-Foam surfboard blanks.

Checkout some of the activities that went on by clicking on the picture below.




It’s looking pretty fun out at Teahupo’o today, so why don’t you sit down, chillout and watch the Pro’s shred like you wish you could… I know I do at least.



Get the new 6’6″ M blank for the core of your next board!

Try one today!






 From your cruiser fish to your groveling performance short board the 6’6” M can do it all. This new simplified molded blank, is perfect for almost all boards.




 The flat wide deck and bottom, square rails, and relaxed rocker caters to a wide variety of boards making it a go to blank for the CNC Machine and Shapers alike.



   This blank is available stringerless or with our wide variety of stock stringers.


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